Learn CRM from Grandma

30 Dec

grandmaEver wonder how to implement an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program in your company? Your grandmother is a great person to learn from. Grandma always knows when to reach out to us. It’s usually during Christmas or your birthday, but that’s when you’re expecting to hear from her. To not hear from her would raise questions like “Does she care anymore?” or “Does that mean no $18 cheque?” But grandma is also savvy about when she contacts you when you’re not expecting it. Sometimes it’s just to say hello or to send you some cookies she’s baked. But her contact with you always leaves you in a better place than where you were.

The reason why grandma is such a good example of CRM is that she contacts you when you need to hear from her, and when she contacts you unexpectedly, it’s always in your best interest. It’s what we call: the right offer at the right time. That’s great CRM. And that’s why we love hearing from Grandma.

Often times we lose sight of what’s in our customers’ best interest. We contact them because we want to squeeze them for a few more dollars (read: our best interest). If you want to create loyal customers and brand advocates, take the time to learn about them. Figure out when they need to hear from you and when they’d be delightfully surprised to hear from you. Don’t always sell to them. When you do that I guarantee you they”ll think of you when they receive Grandma’s next $18 cheque.


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