The key to a great brand? Turn some people off

17 Mar

ryanair_logoIt sounds ridiculous, but great brands should say to a segment of the population “you’re not for me”. Recently Ryanair was in the news for telling off a blogger who thought he had tricked Ryanair’s website into giving him free flights. Whether you agree or disagree with Ryanair’s reaction, one thing stands out – they took a brand position (cheeky and ruthlessly cheap) and stuck with it – and you have to admire that. Now I am told that Ryanair is famous for less-than-stellar customer service, but can you argue with their growth? British Airways’ traffic was down 8% in February, yet Ryanair’s was up 7%. It doesn’t sound like their controversial stance is deterring many prospective passengers.


One Response to “The key to a great brand? Turn some people off”

  1. Doug March 18, 2009 at 1:13 pm #

    More than likely people are simply willing to put up with declining standards of service to keep their travel costs down. Would Ryanair be going toe to toe with better-serviced airlines if the economy was booming? Let’s check back in on them in a few years. Sean Avery came cheap too.

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