Good isn’t good enough anymore.

12 Jun

At the recent Trans Canada Advertising Agency Network (T-CAAN) conference in Ottawa, I had the chance to listen to some very smart people talk about corporate social responsibility, with an emphasis on Green initiatives. GarbageCups

It left me wondering how much more could be done to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment – and who’s really responsible for doing it.

TerraChoice’s Scott McDougall, a biologist turned environmental marketer, made it clear: our governments will not lead the way. Look no further than the Prime Minister’s long-standing lack of leadership on the Kyoto Accord on greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s really up to us to take it on. As individuals and industries.

How are we doing at Copeland?

We recycle of course, switch the lights off, use online more and print less. But still, we use paper that is not certified by the Forest Stewardship Council; we print on glossy coated stocks that can’t be recycled; we use photocopiers; we throw our Starbucks cups in the garbage; we use paper towels rather than energy efficient dryers in our washrooms.

My point is that there is always more we can do, and we are the only ones who can police ourselves. Clearly Copeland can do more. And we will have to if we don’t want to continue to be part of the problem.


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