In pursuit of a perfect idea

16 Jun

Bob Gill, the famously minimalist American graphic designer, believed that there was such a thing as a perfect idea. He even came up with a few of them.One_red_paperclip

A classic is a lunch invitation he was asked to create for the U.N. Gill simply grabbed some U.N. stationary and wrote an L before the U.N. and a CH after it. Perfectly simple, simply perfect.

I may have done one myself, perhaps not quite to Gill’s standards, some years ago with an entry for my then-agency McCann Erickson in a self-promotion poster contest. I simply put the letters M E in the middle of the poster.

Saw another this week in Ottawa for Firkin University. The university has a lower tuition than most universities. Their headline was “Say F.U. to student loans.” Brilliant.

It’s probably the best of the lot because the language speaks so beautifully to its intended target. Wish I’d done it.


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