I don’t care what your favorite movie is

19 Jun

transformers_movie_optimus_primeI’m a movie fan – always have been. So I signed up for Cineplex’s Scene Card, which entitles me to discounts on movies and concession items. I use it every time I go to the movies and appreciate the discounts. But what I’m learning in the process is that Cineplex (and by association, Scotiabank) don’t really care what movies I like to watch, and have a long way to go with respect to their CRM.

You’d think that by virtue of the personal information I gave both Cineplex and Scotiabank just to get the Scene Card and the data I give them every time I use my card, they’d be able to tailor offers to me. After all, isn’t that the power of a loyalty program?

It seems it isn’t at Cineplex. The latest offer they sent me was to win a trip to Hollywood if I go and see Transformers 2 or the new G.I Joe movie.

Hey guys, I’m 37, not 12. But then, you know that already.

If anything, Cineplex should be finding a way to talk to me about The Hangover, which is in line with the genre I generally see (read: good movie). Instead, they figure Michael Bay is more my style, which is like serving hamburgers to an East Indian.

The worst part is that because Cineplex does such a poor job of targeting, I naturally assume that Scotiabank will do no better.

Perhaps next they’ll send me an application for a student loan.


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