The person I most want to hang with

17 Jul

I was buying David Bowie’s albums when I was 10 years old and getting into fistfights with my best friend over whether he was cooler than Mick Jagger (now if he had said Keith, we might have found some peace). He is still the coolest guy on the planet. And he has those crazy eyeballs.david-bowie4

David Bowie was blogging before anyone I know.

He was engaged in user-generated content as far back as 1999, when he held an online contest to source lyrics for a song off his CD “hours”.

I learned the word podcast by listening to him online.

He was doing environmentally friendly packaging before any other major recording act.

And he has been prolific, recording new CDs every few years consistently since he killed off that awful band Tin Machine. On his CDs, he does his own typography for gawd’s sakes.

His voice has grown deeper, but has lost none of its character; he is still a passionate singer, and his lyrics get better as he gets older. Listen to “Sunday”, his ode to 9/11 off his “Heathen” CD. No the-towers-are-burning! lyrics here. He weaves quite a spell on this song.

Bowie has always been a man ahead of his time.

Who would you pick??


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