I was just getting the Interweb thing!

18 Jul

It wasn’t all that long ago that people narrowed their eyes and gave Internet early adopters a flinty look. What, 15 years? How manyear whisper of us are having conversations about the potential of the Internet these days? None, unless you live in Bhutan. It’s been integrated into our lives and we’ve moved on – to Social Media it seems.

Scary to some, cute to others, Social Media is a baby gorilla. It freaks late adopters out because it ups the ante for technology they’ve only recently grown comfortable with.The risk is they will throw their hands up in the air and say to hell with it: I’m done.

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing what I know, which is probably less than you know, with some local businesses who want to be enlightened.

I use the analogy of Social Media spaces being like public and private parties. You don’t just burst into a party and start talking about yourself, and nor should you in a social media environment. You listen, learn, share, build relationships and deliver value.

Be wary of anyone who calls themselves a guru in this area. We are all learning. Even the earliest adopters I follow on Twitter, like Jay Baer and J.P. Holeka. What we can do is pass on what we’ve learned and try to bring everyone to the party. Makes for a livelier conversation I think.

I stumbled upon this beautifully simple analogy of Socmed today. Pass it along if it makes sense to you. But don’t watch it if you hate dill pickle ice cream.


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