Can’t get no, customer satisfaction?

27 Jul

Company Customer PactFor all those craving direction on how to engage in the customer service dialogue, Get Satisfaction has created a diplomatic standard for fostering productive conversations with customers.  

The Company-Customer pact was created to help companies and customers communicate effectively, honestly, and transparently. The Pact provides a way for companies and customers alike to opt into a set of common values while sharing responsibility with each other.

The beauty of the five reciprocal codes of conduct laid out in this “agreement” is that they deconstruct  ambiguous terms such as “open” and “transparent” that are often thrown around in social media marketing, and articulate them in human terms that we can intuitively understand and follow.

Copeland has signed this pact, and as such we agree to be human in our interactions; show you our real selves; acknowledge that problems may occur and tell you what we’ll do to address these issues; cultivate a public dialogue through mediums like this blog, and speak plainly, earnestly and candidly to our customers about any issues that arise. 

As our customer, are you up for the customer’s side of this pact?

As a company, are you ready to apply this approach to customer service?

As a starting point consider what you need to do to align your actions with these five principles when engaging your own customers.


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