Breaking the ice

7 Aug


Starting a new job is never easy. Even though previous work experience gives you the skills necessary to do the job, each company or office is different and you must adapt. You have to meet a whole new group of people, master new programs, learn the way your new office does things and how people in the office work together, and, critically, find out where the bathroom is.Welcome

On my first day at Copeland when I arrived at the elevator I was faced with a sign that said “Hey! It’s Kyla’s first day!”  It made me smile.  It is a nice feeling being welcomed into a new place where you are already nervous about meeting people and learning new names and faces.  As the day went on and I toured around the office (it’s literally a circle) I saw a few more signs that had been made up for me. I felt welcome at my new “home” from my first moment at the front door and that was just day one.

I wanted to try and get to know people in the office and have them interact with me. So I brought in some tootsie pops and placed a sign by them that said “Getting to know you. Answer a question and you get a tootsie pop.”  As people walked by my desk they would stop and chat, answer a question and take a sucker.  It worked out great. Some people had me answer the same question so they could get to know me as well.

What sorts of things have worked for you?


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