Doing it outdoors

18 Aug

Forget print, TV and online. The most creative advertising in the world is being done outdoors in non-traditional environments. creativeadvertising3

There is an absolute explosion of fantastic ideas being done across the street, around the globe. These great ideas work for two reasons: one you can’t miss them, and two, you aren’t expecting them. Agencies are ambushing people, hence the term guerilla marketing.1162282300-cools-ads-020-resize

A third potential reason is that this can be an extremely inexpensive way to advertise (of course if you’re going to fly in a rhino, that can cost you.)

All the major awards are going to non-traditional ads these days. Here are some of my favourites. Don’t you just LOVE those giraffe necks?

Please feel free to share yours.009_plusodin


One Response to “Doing it outdoors”

  1. Jennifer August 19, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    The beauty of creative minds.

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