26 Aug

Recently spotted on Twitter: (my comments)twitter_logo

“I love life! Hello world!” (Or “Hello my 14 followers!”)

“Having an extra sugar with my joe this morning.” (Stirring now…taking out the spoon…)

“Been sitting on my bum all day. Time to get up.” (Beats sitting on your face)

“Enjoying quiet snuggling times with my husband.” (He loves it when she tweets during these moments, brings them closer together)

“I am totally enjoying being alone!” (With your 1288 followers, of course)

“Big Mac and cheese with Coek (sic) and large fries coming up.” (Ambulance is standing by)

“The Internet gives Americans another reason to be fat, dumb and lazy.” (Twitter, on the other hand, is slimming and invigorating)

“The fridge is full of left-over pork.” (Her husband has been “missing” for a week)

“Goodnight all.” (Goodnight GreenAlphaLouie!)


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