Nifty bit of branding

18 Sep


Most agencies would like to feel that they created a campaign that their clients could really own; something that no other business could lay claim to. We strive for it but seldom nail it.

We think we’ve come pretty close to the mark with our first campaign for Columbia Fuels.columbia_mousehole

Their logo – the purple house with the yellow glow coming from inside – is so well known on the Island, we figured there was something to it. To be honest, it’s not our favourite logo, but we couldn’t deny the instant recognition.

So we built the campaign around the logo, gave it a bit of a friendlier face and underpinned it with a strong promotional offer.

The ads just launched last week online and in newspapers, plus it hit the radio airwaves and mailboxes up and down the Island. You can see the entire campaign here:

It feels right to us, but the proof will be in the performance, not the branding.


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