We interrupt this blog…

22 Sep

stopsignmanWith the massive overdose of marketing nowadays, advertising must be interruptive to be effective. It must make you stop thumbing through the newspaper or magazine long enough to read the ad. (People’s attention span is down to below 2 seconds per ad.) Ads need to be credible, different and  memorable in order to work. Effective media plans can help with opportunities for making the ad remembered. Bigger isn’t always better with media; placement, frequency and demographic scoping are the true winners.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Advertising checklist:

  • Make your ad about a single and simple message;
  • Give your ads a common look. Familiarity will work in your favour for brand recognition.
  • Make all your company’s contact information easy for buyer’s to find. Some demographics prefer more, some less. Know your audience.
  • Make sure your ad looks professional. Microsoft Word or PowerPoint are NOT page layout programs. You will notice a difference with a pro ad. With all the nit-picky issues of TV, radio, internet and outdoor ads, it is best left to an agency.

Brand building checklist:

  • You want people to know who you are so keep your business cards and letterhead matching. And hand out your business cards everywhere.
  • Get some gift certificates printed. Regular customers can give them to possible new customers and since you get paid for these upfront they are good cash flow.
  • To get lots of details out to customers; creating a brochure is a great way to go. It can be something as simple as a three-fold brochure.
  • If your company uses paper or plastic bags for your customers, make sure they have your name and logo on them. The latest craze is branded re-useable cloth bags. A great support piece for “Going Green”

These are just the tip of the iceberg of thing to think about when it comes to advertising. If you have any questions, or are looking for somebody to help build your brand, give us a call.


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