A thankful community

24 Sep

I know the folks back east hate it when us Islanders keep droning on about why Victoria is so amazing.  Yes, the weather is fantastic. Yes, our golf courses are open all year, every year.  Yes, you don’t have to shovel the rain.


Over the past two days, I’ve found a few more reasons to be grateful to Victoria.

On Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to take part in the Times Colonists Raise-a-Reader fund raising campaign along with a few co-workers (Keith Dagg, Shane Goth, and Kyla Baltzer).  Our job was to convince people to give whatever they could to buy a paper, with 100% of the proceeds going to the cause.

With over 200 volunteers, the event was amazing.  Better still was the response from the community.  People were pulling over, waving money at us – eager to give.  We harassed stopped people on the street, and more often than not they were reaching for their purse or wallet before we finished our spiel.  From spare change to big bills, the $$ rolled in.

Living in a community that is this eager to pay it forward is one of the best things about Victoria.

Today, in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint (ok – and reduce the impact of downtown parking on my wallet) I rode the bus.  The folks that helped steer me to the right stop, the driver that didn’t give me a hard time about not knowing how much the fares were, and the courtesy that everyone demonstrated on the bus were more examples of the fine people that I share this community with.  But something happened as I got off the bus that made me stop, think, and smile.

Everyone said thank you.  It was a bit odd, but more importantly, these weren’t empty words.  There was a tone of gratitude from the riders to the driver that I hadn’t seen before.  I had the biggest smile on this morning (yes, I may have looked a bit “special”), but I was actually moved by this simple gesture.

Copeland alumni Roger Banister wrote about the power of the thank you on his blog last week.  At the time, it was something that I found interesting, but it really resonated with my experience today.

641788eqgk5nyt93My challenge to those reading this today.  If someone does something that makes you smile, laugh, happy, grateful – say thank you, and mean it.  Whether they are your customer or you are theirs, or there’s no reason at all – try it.  I bet you will like it, too!

Because you are reading, commenting, and hopefully enjoying my posts, I want to say thank you.  And I do mean it!

– Jason


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