The wonder drug

1 Oct

How many industries benefit from one little blue pill?

viagra_pillDoctors – consulting

viagra_pillPharmacists – distributing

viagra_pillAdvertising agencies – the creative geniuses behind these campaigns

Media – delivery of the genius campaign to the masses.

Comedians – endless material (didja hear about the new Viagra for women – Niagara!)

Internet providers – Spam.  More spam.  Endless amounts of spam.

Other “blue pill” alternatives – Cialis, Levitra, Tylenol (in case she has a headache!)

The makers of this little blue “wonder” have launched a new campaign that focuses on what happens when couples stop being intimate – apparently you exercise more, do home renovations, or expand your knowledge.  Yeah, I can see why they’d want to put a stop to those activities.

My beef isn’t with the pill, or those that use it.  I am just blown away (pardon the pun) by the amount of money that goes into a drug that only benefits at most (usually) two people – but more often than not – only one!  Can this money not be earmarked for something a bit more productive?

Pfizer was recently the recipient of the “largest criminal fraud fine in U.S. history” $2.3 Billion!  That’s a pretty hefty smack down levied due to “off-label” marketing.  The funny thing is – apparently the little blue pill was developed to help those suffering from depression….

If you need help – then this might be just the product for you.  I just don’t see why this much $$ needs to go to a product that is as effective as it claims.  But, I guess without it, all of the comedians, doctors, ad agencies, and the rest would be out of a job.  And then they’d be depressed.  And then they would have intimacy issues.  And then they wouldn’t know which pill would help them….

– Jason


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