Who’s following who?

8 Oct

bathroom001I find it particularly intriguing how seemingly unrelated industries follow one another. When I walk into the latest swanky condo, restaurant or bar, I can’t help but think that the interior designer has studied the latest trends in advertising. In the modern age, the minimalist theme of “the less said, the greater the impression” is universal. It is logical that industries are following each other. If I were going to pay for the nuances of interior design, I would want my space to be memorable and leave everyone jealous. What better way than with a minimalist design with maximum impact?

ed-hardy-women-sizeThere are probably an endless number of correlations here. Take fashion for example. Fads are always changing, but the styles that continue to resurface and make an impression are the ones which are simple, but clean. Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier made quite a statement with new line. His innovative, brightly colored, $210 tattoo shirts sold like hot cakes. His downfall was that once imitators emerged, no one could tell the difference between his collections and the cheap knockoffs. His consumers looked the same and a stereotype emerged. As quickly as his line surfaced, his shirts became passé and no fashionista would be caught dead in any of Audigier’s brands. With this being said, someone in nice jeans and a white collar shirt has, and will continue to be a fashion statement.

So does this mean that a Hugo Boss fashion show caught the eye of an ad-man to start the minimalist trend? Or was it the bright, airy color palate of interior designers that caught the eye of Dolce & Gabbana? Or is it simply that ad agencies deserve all the credit and will continue to inspire all trends?


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