@School – Social Media in the education system

14 Oct


Should your kid’s school be part of the social media trend?  I say “your kid’s” because I am a perfect parent (it’s so much easier to critique parents when you don’t have kids of your own…)

What is the value of Twitter or Facebook in the educational system?

Well, with Twitter you can send immediate updates to multiple parents about time-sensitive school issues:

–         School closures (*including both snow days here in Victoria!)

–         Missing kids

–         Fund Raising

–         Reminders (PTA, Field Trip Consent, Pizza Day)

Facebook or blogs can help you:

–         Provide quick response to immediate concerns (bullying, harassment, health issue)

–         Provide a forum for parents to interact – encouraging more assistance from more people

–         Inform about opportunities available or offered (mentoring, tutoring, counseling)

–         Information repository – newsletters, permission slips, school team event dates/times

And the downside of having your school part of the Social Media?

Providing that no personal information about any child is posted – is too much info about your kid’s education really a problem?

What are the other benefits?

What are the other drawbacks?

Is your school forward-thinking enough to see the benefits that social networking can bring to their communication plan?



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