The difference between thinking about something – and doing something

19 Oct

Last week I noticed a new sign in my neighborhood.  It was crude, spray painted on a large piece of cardboard, but it was powerful.  The message was clear – “Please bring back my son’s basketball hoop.”  Apparently, someone had stolen the hoop that sat in my neighbor’s driveway.

basketball-hoopsA few thoughts went through my head as I drove away.  First – who would do such a thing?  I can understand stealing food to live, or to feed your family, but a basketball hoop?  You can’t even use it without a basketball – did they plan on stealing that from someone else?

The next thing that I thought of – how can I help?  I thought of a few different ways that I might be able to help replace the net.  Knock on a few of the neighbors doors to get everyone to kick in a few dollars.  Maybe put something on twitter to see if anyone had an old one to get rid of, or maybe have a few of the tweeple donate a bit of cash towards a replacement.  I thought about checking usedvictoria for a used net.  I figured there were many different ways to help.

The problem is – I didn’t do anything.  I thought about it, and had the reminder of the sign to keep it top of mind, but the bottom line was – I didn’t do a thing.

The good news is – someone else did.  Apparently I wasn’t the only person that drove by that sign and felt compelled to do something.  Another person went to the store and bought a new net, and dropped it off for the family.  My guilt of not doing anything is now replaced with the gratitude that someone else did.  I live in a fantastic community, with people that are able to see, and do, more than they have to.

My hat’s off to them, and because apparently I can’t help my competitive nature, I hope I beat them next time.dosomething-1

But just in case – please don’t steal anything from my neighborhood!



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