Blogger’s Block

22 Oct

Dear Blog


What should I write about today? I am suppose to write about anything I want, but don’t be boring, encourage conversation and don’t be overly offensive. Doesn’t sound too bad right? What if you break these rules, what are the consequences? Once in University, I had an English teach that was the self-proclaimed most liberal creative writer on campus. I had a feeling she was full of hot air and I was determined to test her. Like blogging, the class’s first assignment was to write about something different that popped into our heads. The more creative and articulate the essay, the better the review.


Thinking for a second, I decided I wanted to approach my writing seriously in this class and push myself. What better way than to pick a topic that people are passionate about and try to persuade them of the opposite. I looked outside the window and saw a mature student lobbying for publically financed daycare. Perfect, I’ll write the opposing view. I wrote about how public day care will encourage peer pressure and ensure destruction to a child’s well being.


Two days later, I turned in my paper. Sure enough, a week after, I get pulled to the side of the class to be scolded. She told me she has never read such an offensive paper in her life. “You’re lucky this was ungraded or I would have grade_fflunked you outright.” I was totally confused, what did I do? As it turned out, she was a single parent that has three little kids that all needed to be placed in daycare. She needed to pick up my essay 4 separate times because she kept bursting into tears from a few of my arguments. She spoke to me as though she thought I was the anti-Christ. I explained to her that I didn’t really believe in these views, I just was trying to write a worthwhile essay. Didn’t matter, I pretty much blew my chance at an A for the semester and I could have had an easier time convincing a nun that pro-choice should be universal. In the end, I think that I won this battle. Although it wasn’t my best grade in University, I accomplished my goal of sticking out and she will probably remember my argument forever!


Moral of the story: Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, but always blog on!


One Response to “Blogger’s Block”

  1. jasonfinnerty October 22, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    So, this paper resulted in:
    1. that much of a visceral reaction
    2. the reader picking it up 4 times to force themselves to finish it
    3. an impression so vast that it skews the rest of the marks for the rest of the semester

    Pretty sure that would be an A+ in any of the classes that I took.


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