Does your company’s moral compass point the same way as your own?

28 Oct

I recently learned of a situation where a client could have easily been exploited.  The client was incredibly naïve towards marketing, and basically wanted to hand over their wallet so the agency could do as they please.  The agency told the client to wait, and they would evaluate the client’s actual needs.  This could save the client nearly six figures – money that the agency could have easily taken.  And the client probably never would have figured it out.  This agency regularly spoke of their concern for the needs of the client, so it was great to see their actions supported their message.

Making the right ethical choice has been beaten into me since I was a child (ok – there might be some issues with this statement, but you know what I mean!)  Where I work, who I married, and the choices I make on a daily basis are all a result of making the right ethical choices.  I’m happy with where I am, the people I socialize with, and the company that I work for.  If you want to read more of my preaching essays about ethics, go here or here.

Is your ethical situation causing you physical or emotional stress?  How do you go about making the right decision?



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