Step right up, folks

29 Oct

Hurry, hurry, hurry! For your entertainment and enlightenment, we proudly present: the ad company tour.ExplorePAHistory-a0h3b1-a_349

That’s right. We’ve peered into the deepest crevasses of our marketing minds and returned alive and ready to meet the world with tales that will astound you.

Step through this door and enter a world of razor sharp strategies – mind your fingers on those, son – ideas of all shapes, sizes and colours, and stories to match!

Be shocked and surprised at the terrifying cur who greets your arrival. Gasp in astonishment at the heat of the beverages you are served.

But then….move along sharply. Your tour guide will provide all the riveting background, stories you can scarce imagine and ones you will be repeating to your wide-eyed grandchildren one day on leaden evenings.

Stay together and follow your guide next, if you dare, into the four corners of the office: into the lairs of those who dwell perpetually there.

small-thumb-550x759They walk, they talk, they crawl on their bellies like reptiles. See the cast of colourful characters: the tallest art directors on the planet, the world’s tiniest media planner, the director with two heads. Hear their stories, see the efforts of their unending labour.

Then, return full circle to the front of the tent, gather yourself and re-enter the world you know and love, now forever changed by your experience.

Come one, come all. Now don’t push son, there’ll be another tour next month. Just sign your life away here….

>> The Copeland Tours are the last Friday of every month at 3pm. Like to join in? Please sign up right here.


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