Multi-tasking gone wild

3 Nov

It seems our ability to multitask is growing by leaps. Witness the walkers out pounding away on their Blackberries; the drivers wagging their chins on the cellphone; the kids reading with their earbuds in.kali

Where is it headed?

I was reading last night that television viewers already spend roughly 9% of their prime time hours simultaneously surfing online.

That got me thinking about the way TV could be used in the future – and how advertising might be affected. Do you really need two media on at the same time?

I can imagine a future where we interact with the television programming we’re watching and pause it to follow an Internet worm hole directly on the TV. Could be a stat we want broken out, or a bio for some hot actress we want to flip through.

Potentially that worm hole could be product related, taking the product placement of current advertising a huge step forward.

Would you want to pause House to learn more about the adult diapers that the guest actor is forced to wear? You might if you were incontinent. That puts a big onus back on advertisers to make the sidetrip worth it.

Another potential is for these diversions to lead to social media spaces where conversations take place about what’s being viewed, and what’s being advertised. We’ve seen Disney Blue Ray dipping its mighty toes in these waters already this year.

Multiple platforms on one medium. That’s my guess.

BV-38-CI personally am too damn tired at night to do anything more than stare numbly at the screen and sip a beer. That’s my kind of multi-tasking. Cheers.


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