The Office Christmas

12 Nov

Hey folks,

It’s getting close to that time – you can sense the blood pressure rising, you can hear the stress in the voices of your coworkers.  The holiday season is approaching.

Your office may suffer from some of the following conditions:

Secret Santa Syndrome

The symptoms include worrying about who you are buying for, or where you are going to find the extra cash to buy another present.  Some sufferers may experience a concern that the value of the gift they receive does not correlate with the value of the gift they purchase.

Office Party Paranoia

Sufferers of this disorder may experience increased levels of stress trying to arrange a perfect time, venue, menu, and event that will fit within the parameters the rest of the office might dictate (usually nonverbally, as most requests for assistance/input are not replied to directly).  Frequent reference about the success of previous years events will exacerbate this condition. Alternatively, some victims of this ailment may suffer from concern about transgressions from previous holiday events (aka I’m only going to have two drinks this year).  .

Decorating Depression

Though less common than the previous conditions, those that suffer from DD are usually the ones that have the least amount of interest in the holiday season, but are tasked with the most responsibility for decorating the office appropriately.  Common challenges with this symptom include the inability to know the right time to start decorating – either too early or too late, or to know how much to decorate – either too little or too much.  Additionally, the concern that this task should be completed as part of their regular duties, without taking away from their current workload is commonly presented.

2298766stresspillslrDoes your office need to be quarantined because of these diseases?

The next post will focus on alternative therapy to alleviate these ailments.  Taking your annual holidays in the month of December might be one option, but we will explore some more holistic approaches.  Ho Ho No!



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