Surviving the Office Christmas Party

18 Nov



So, a few posts back we discussed some of the common ailments that office people suffer around the holidays.  These symptoms are pretty much unavoidable, short of:

– calling in sick for the month of December

– saving all of your holidays for the month of December

– quitting – for the month of December

So, if you choose to stick it out and power through it, we’d like to offer a few tips to help make the holidays more enjoyable.

Office Decoration

During the heyday of political correctness, some offices got away from celebrating Christmas, preferring the non-descript “holiday season” as a moniker.  That’s fine, but we are starting to see some businesses swing back to – gasp – actually calling Christmas “Christmas”!!!  Of course, this is completely subjective (read: my research involved what I can recall from last year, and hints that I have picked up on this year)

Should your office choose to celebrate the holidays, (or Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza or Muharram or any of their combinations – Chrismaka, Kwanzmas, Kwanzukah, or ChrisKwanHanarram) it might be best to focus on “less is more.”  Subtle holiday touches are an effective way to show that you are celebrating the holidays without your clients or customers worrying that you are wasting too much of their time.  Be tasteful, have fun, and respect your office environment.

Office Party



Here’s where the best stories about your office environment are born.  Who can’t remember the time when an ex-boss got a bit tipsy, and/or handsy, or that time when Jack and Jill got “stuck” in the elevator? 






Don’t become fodder for the next batch of stories.  Have fun, cut loose, but know when to draw the line.  Eat a good meal, have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink, and above all – plan your ride home before you start drinking.




office Christmas party


What is your office doing for this season?  How do you cope with the season of stress?

Or better yet – share your best office party memories – please change the names to protect the innocent (especially if they’re not-so-innocent!)



Have a happy holiday season Christmas!!

– Jason


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