Fear mongering

20 Nov

The consumers love it, but the Internet and its impact on advertising is scaring the crap out of many people: media, clients, agency folk too.

Newspapers are dying; television viewership is down. Advertising budgets have been slashed, social media is on the rise and the static life many enjoyed for decades is on its head.

Companies positioned ahead of this curve are in pretty good shape right now. They are selling their expertise and helping their clients manage the internal transitions and get some runs on the board.

But the companies that have delayed – or avoided – the shift are scrambling and being driven by imperatives beyond their control.

Everyday I seem to come across a new article on how agencies and clients are falling further behind the consumer.  It winds people up.

What our industry does – and does so well – is create compelling brands, and then foster relationships between consumers and those brands. So while the rules may be changing about where and how those engagements take place, the core of what we do isn’t changing.

What’s amazing is how many smart, generous people are out there helping to navigate the new terrain.  Subscribe to blogs by Seth Godin, Jay Baer or Michael Gass for great advice and insight.

Follow these guys on Twitter and hook up with some of their followers for even more informed voices.

Ironic how we turn to blogs, Twitter etc. for the lastest info. That’s when we start thinking like consumers, and not businesses, and the changes don’t seem so scary.


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