What did you do for your customer today?

23 Nov


balloons How often do you take time out of your day to do something for your customer?  Not something intended to get them to use more of your services, but something that is actually for them.

Were you reading the paper and you saw a nice article about your client?  Did you call them to share it with them?

Did you come across an offer that your client might be able to benefit from, be it a government grant or a deal on new widgets?

Or are you only thinking about your client when they need you to do something, or when you need them to pay for something?  It doesn’t have to always be about the money.  Wouldn’t you rather look forward to the phone ringing when you know it’s your client?  How does your client feel about your current phone calls?  Is their first reaction to protect their wallet?

The relationship that is possible between a client and an agency, or any other business, should be considered the same as a friendship.  There are going to be some rough spots, but it’s what you do for each other that helps you smooth things out, and have a long, enjoyable,  relationship.

Think of your customer first, and hopefully they will do the same.  If you don’t, your competition might.



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