What the Internet is killing

24 Nov

Read an amazing list on the Telegraph’s (UK) website recently called 50 things that are being killed by the Internet.  Don’t miss a chance to read it. It will get you thinking.

I loved the idea that Dead Time is done (No.14). No more time to stare out a window or re-read a favourite book or contemplate the universe – the Internet is calling! The Telegraph’s conclusion? “The Internet’s draw on our attention is relentless and increasingly difficult to resist.” It will be tough on future philosophers.

There were some insightful entries and some outright hilarious ones like No. 44: Trust in Nigerian businessmen and princes.

I spent a half hour afterward mentally adding more ideas to the list. But I couldn’t concentrate because my Tweetdeck kept pinging.

51. Concentration

omg lmfao!

52. Sentences

Actually I should pull the”f” out of “lmfao” because I never know who is going to be reading this. Could be my mom.

53. Privacy

Have fun.


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