More green means less green

27 Nov

Today in the Times Colonist I read about BC Transit reviewing their transit fares and proposing fare adjustments scheduled for April 1, 2010. They want to increase their adult monthly bus pass to $90. What?? That is an increase of $16.75 from the $73.25 it is now. The increase in adult tickets and the fare itself is not too bad. Regular fare now is $2.25 but could increase to $2.50.

Fares have been frozen since April 2007, and during that time transit demand has gone up and the amount of service has grown by 13%. That is great for our economy, environment, and BC Transit. But why have such a big increase in price in one fell swoop? I think you should increase the monthly bus pass amount a few dollars at a time.

There are various reasons as to why people take the bus and a few are: they can’t afford a car, they want to keep the pollution down, they don’t drive, or they do have a car but work downtown and parking is too expensive daily, so it is more affordable to take the bus.

I work downtown and take the bus. I do not want to pay for gas, maintenance of the car, and parking each day of the week.  I think that taking the bus meets my budget and it is an easy form of transportion for me to get around.

I personally think that by such a high raise in fares at one time you may find that people won’t take the bus and you will see a decrease in ridership.

BC Transit wants to hear your comments by December 14, 2009 before the Victoria Regional Transit Commission members meet in January 2010 to discuss the fare proposal. You can fill out a survey and read more at, just click on Victoria.


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