You CAN handle the truth!

14 Dec


I was checking out the site today, and I was met with this letter from the president and CEO.

You can click on it to read it, but the short version of it is:

“We’re sorry we aren’t moving as fast as we said we would, so this is what we are doing to fix it.  Thank you.”

Here is a company that is open and honest with their customers.  They are being transparent, and want to keep their customers in the loop.  These folks didn’t have to put out a letter to say what they were doing; the problem still would have been fixed with the extra resources from Travelocity.  Instead, they have opted to include us in the conversation, acknowledging our frustrations and discussing the solution.  This is what living your brand is all about.

Unless the reason itself is interesting (like, maybe it’s been discovered that you have 13+ mistresses) does it really matter what the problem is with Company X’s widget factory?  Or would you rather just have the important information.  We know it’s broken – and this is what we’re doing to fix it up.  There’s no need to say what you’re going to give to people that feel they are entitled to some kind of reparation.  Just treat your customers like they are real people, and they will do the same back to you.

This  is just good policy.  When your company screws up – and I guarantee that there will be some snafu in your future – do your customers want to know why it’s broken, or do they want to know what you’re doing to fix it, and how long they can expect it to be broken? 

Apparently honesty really is the best policy!

Westjet gets it.

– jason


2 Responses to “You CAN handle the truth!”

  1. Frank December 14, 2009 at 4:18 pm #

    The attached image isn’t legible. It looks like it has been scaled to 66% or something…

  2. jasonfinnerty December 14, 2009 at 5:46 pm #

    All fixed up now – thanks Frank!

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