A high that’s better than a half dozen sugar cookies dunked in hot coco

18 Dec

Just like most of you, our agency loves the holiday season for the copious amounts of chocolate that appears at our reception and the wine that flows freely at Christmas parties and functions. But we all know that Christmas is not just about receiving, it’s about giving back too.

One of our favorite pro-bono client’s is an expert in the practice of giving, and they do it every day of the year. Every time we meet with the team from Power To Be we hear about a new initiative or another generous company or individual who has come onboard to help them provide outdoor recreation programs to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children, young adults, and the families and communities they live in. 

Working with people like Tim Cormode, the founder of Power To Be, you can’t help but want to adopt his spirit of giving. Last week we helped Tim build a Christmas Card so Power To Be could thank the hundreds of sponsors and volunteers that make their programs possible. Seeing how stoked Tim and his team were that they’d have something ready to send out for the holidays gave us a better high than the sugar cookies.

If you are looking for a way to get into the giving game, we have just the New Year’s resolution for you (once you finish off all the turkey and stuffing): Start training for the Power To Play corporate challenge & fundraiser. We’re onboard again this year to help Tim and his team pull off this amazing event and can tell you first hand that this will be the most fun you’ve had at a charity race (think mud, obstacles and challenges a la Amazing Race).

We know there are many more of you who give back at this time of year, whether it be donating to a food bank or giving to a charity on behalf of your customers. At our Christmas party this evening we will raise our glasses to people like you and Tim who know that the gift of giving is truly what this season is all about.


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