Why are companies treating us like robots?

4 Jan

There is a thinly disguised strategy bouncing about these days to encourage more frequent use of products as a way of boosting sales.

I recall the strategy being used well with a Florida OJ campaign from the US in the 70’s. Orange juice: it’s not just for breakfast anymore!

More often than not, it has nothing to do with the consumer or their needs. It enhances nothing but the company’s bottom line.

Rinse with Listerine at bedtime as well and kill those nasty nighttime germs before they turn into morning breath! (Of course you’ll still have morning breath…rinse again!)

The most recent Bounce commercials, for those little fabric softener sheets, leave me cold and depressed.

No longer content to eliminate static cling from your socks, these little perfumed sheets have decided to take over the world. They are now ideal stuffed into anything that has an odour. A sheet for every shoe in your home! Sheets taped to the door of every closet! Have other favourite uses? Share your stories at bounce.com!

I couldn’t wait to share my favourite Bounce stories and hurried to the website. Did you know that they are ideal taped to the top of your cat’s litter box?!

I personally tape them to my underarms and chest to keep a just-out-of-the-dryer smell about me all day. Give me a break.

Can you seriously imagine a house that stunk of those perfumed little sheets everywhere? I can’t help but be cynical about these cash grabs. Do consumers see right through them? Usually. It’s an insult to our intelligence. I could never advocate a strategy that assumed the buyer was a moron and couldn’t think for themselves.

To quote David Ogilvy, “The consumer is not a moron. She is your wife.”


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