Using vampires to sell

8 Jan

Bloodsuckers have really been reborn in the past few years thanks to the Twilight movies. Their selling power hasn’t been this high since Bela Lugosi planted one on Helen Chandler back in ’31.

Check out this ingenious U.S. campaign for iGo, a line of re-chargers and power management systems that don’t constantly drain electricity to idle devices.

In addition to their smart, eco-friendly strategy and cheery vampire theme, their website, offers some enjoyable diversions, including one app that allows you to calculate your energy loss and another that throws blood all over an image of your face. There’s even a chance to win free electricity for a year.

And I love the way the facebook and twitter logos have been vampirified.

This was the most fun I’ve had on a website in hundreds of years. I found it on NYC copywriter Brian Thompson’s blog.


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