How tough is your brand?

12 Jan

Good brands are like people. The strong ones engage and put a stake in the ground. They stand for something. They know who they are for, and they know what they are not. Weak brands try to be everything to all people.

I found this entertaining site  called Brand Tags where brands are pitted against each other in a head-to-head smack-down, and you vote for the winner.

Imagine Greenpeace taking on Green Giant. Or Cheetos versus Hello Kitty.

Play the game here.

Out of the roughly 1,000 worldwide brands in the competition (albeit American skewed), Pixar comes out on top with an 84.6% kill rate. Google comes in second. Apple, Nike and YouTube are all in the top ten. Hard to argue with the results.

It got me thinking: How would our clients’ brands stand up? What are brands really made of?


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