MySpace is not dead

19 Jan

Yes, it is no longer the shiny new toy, but MySpace doesn’t deserve burial with hula-hoops and “Hanging with Mr. Cooper” reruns just yet. A lot of people still use it. Look at the following data, for December 2009:

Facebook: 132 million unique visitors, 2.7 billion visits
MySpace: 49 million unique visitors, 554 million visits
Twitter: 22 million unique visitors, 133 million visits

There’s a reason why marketing and communications professionals tell you MySpace is a thing of the past. For them personally, it is. Facebook holds much more appeal. It looks cleaner. It’s always been meant for networking (look at its college roots). It has an older crowd.

MySpace is used heavily by under 18s. And bands. Artists. Entertainers. While it’s true MySpace users tend to be lower income, this is also a group more likely to click on display ads. MySpace users have much more creative flexibility for their pages (which some users abuse horribly!). Until recent Facebook apps and upgrades, it was easier to embed songs and videos, and join groups on MySpace. Plus with MySpace, your first friend is free (what’s up Tom!)

Facebook is primarly about staying in touch with people you know in the real world, while MySpace is about discovering new artists and people who share your interests. Each one is doing a good job serving its core audience.

Depending on who or what you’re looking for, MySpace may be the right space for you.


One Response to “MySpace is not dead”

  1. Michael January 19, 2010 at 10:24 pm #

    Ah, great to see my buddy Tom again. Been way to long!

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