Touch The Burner

22 Jan

On Wednesday January 20th, the best selling co-author of Trust Agents, Julien Smith, spoke at Victoria’s Social Media Club. Rather than regurgitate the information from his book (which is a very worthwhile read) Julien shared some new insights he’s gained over the past year.

Julian had some great points, including my biggest take away of the evening and my favorite new mantra: Touch the burner.

When we were little we operated on curiosity: we touched the stove just to see how hot it was, we put our fingers in the light socket because we didn’t know better, and we licked the bacon pan because we thought it might taste good. Why? Because we didn’t fear what might happen.

As we grew up, we started to postulate on the consequences of our actions and we stopped doing things that had the potential to hurt us. As adults most of us operate on fear rather than on our innate curiosity. But if we stop trying new things, we stop learning and our world never grows any bigger.

The point Julien makes is not to touch hot stoves or take stupid risks. Rather he ties his analogy to the endless new (and for some, scary) technologies that we come across every day. As consumers and marketers we must not fear the tools that have the ability to expand our world. Sure you may get a shock once or twice if you try something new, but you may also discover something that changes your world for the better.

Embrace the process of experimentation and do the things that scare you. The next time you’re fearful of something simply ask yourself: what would a child do?

If you want hear more insights and revelations from Julien’s talk, you can check out the video that Carlson Media took of this same presentation in Vancouver.


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