Are you providing value?

25 Jan


slap chop In the constant quest to differentiate yourself, have you thought of any ways that you can provide more value to your customer, your coworkers, or your employer?

The classic infomercial format of throwing in bonus items is an effective, and obvious, way to get a call to action, but there are a few other ways that you might find effective for your client services.


Provide value for your clients: You probably know your clients and their business quite well.  If you see an opportunity for them to do more business, whether it’s referring a friend to them or putting your client in touch with someone that can provide them with a better product or service, would your client appreciate this?  If you see something about them on the internet or in the paper, do you send it to them to read?

Provide value to your company: Even if you aren’t the owner, you can still watch for opportunities to help your business be successful.  Many people watch for new business ideas, but what about new ways to save money?  Is there anything in your office that can be found at a better price?  Is there a process or procedure that is being done because that’s the way it’s always been done?

I’m not saying you should go out and make radical changes in your office – I’m just suggesting that you might consider looking at opportunities, and trying to match those up to the people that might benefit from them.

Not every action we take is going to result in a direct sale, but finding value is a good habit to take up. 

Where have you been able to find value, and how did it work out?


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