A view from the bottom

29 Jan

(Guest post by Nic Springer)

I remember counting the stairs, as I ascended to the Copeland Offices. Anxious, excited, eager, nervous. A Molotov cocktail of emotions pounding through my veins at a rate usually reserved for being chased by Jason Voorhees. Was I going to a Fight Club? Facing up to a crime? No my friends, instead I was going to an interview with a mammoth of a man, who went by the deceptive name of Doug Brown.

It is quite possible that I exaggerated the events of that interview in my mind as I sometimes tend to do when I am excited. Doug has since assured me that we did not knife fight, and there was never an instance where I was hanging from the fire escape outside his window with him graciously agreeing to spare my life (he claims this but I am still doubtful). However he did offer something equally as gracious to me, a chance at my dream job.

My name is Nicholas, and I have always had ideas, always had the need to express myself, a hunger to create new things. But as people who are creative and passionate often do, I had lived a life of many impulsive decisions, and then bore the consequences with a shrug (after all, it seemed like a good idea at the time). He offered me the keys to the castle, this man, he told me that all the world laid bare before me awaiting a paint brush, and that if I was brave enough to attempt to learn, then he would in his benevolence teach.

Now I may make this whole interview and meeting seem epic, and legendary. For me it was, for him I’m sure it was just his 10:30 meeting. But it still has brought me here, learning from the hive mind how to do things like they do. So that one day I too will be able to work in this industry that I so lusted after.

I hope to be contributing from time to time, keeping you fine people up to the minute with how a young Padewan sees his new path. Maybe I can make the journey an interesting read.


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