Extra Extra – New refreshing sushi restaurant making a splash!

1 Feb

Working in a marketing agency may have changed drastically since the glory days of advertising, but there are still great perks of doing business in Victoria. Our Account Director may not crack his first bourbon at 10am anymore, but the office did get to try the new sushi menu at a local restaurant, Nautical Nellie’s. The restaurant owner/manager realized the potential of entering into the fusion sushi market in Victoria and came to Copeland for some feedback.

Kudos to Nautical Nellies for sticking to good business practices during a difficult restaurant season. The business plan for the new menu was very sound; they brought in high end sushi chefs from the other side of the country to make a quality product. Being on the West Coast, tourists and locals both crave for a fresh, unique sushi product. The customer can easily see the attention to detail that went into each combination.

On top of all this, they still had the smarts to ask for support from their local clients and peers. Although the employees at Nautical Nellies are, not all of their clients will be culinary experts. Even though their ideas are good in thought, it may not pass the final test, client taste testing. For example, we didn’t care for the fresh, uncooked calamari. Even though it was of high quality and well prepared, we plainly just don’t enjoy fresh squid. Although many other people may enjoy it, our response may keep this item off of a sampler and bring them a higher success rate.

So congrats Nautical Nellies on the new menu. We all thought it was some of the best sushi around and I have already made a trip back for “The Decadent” maki roll. Pricing is very reasonable and I see no reason why your new menu shouldn’t be a smashing success.


One Response to “Extra Extra – New refreshing sushi restaurant making a splash!”

  1. tom February 1, 2010 at 4:24 pm #


    (disclosure-I was part of the group invited to taste test)

    Everything was delicious. When they start their take-away service I’ll be dropping in to bring some back for the family.

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