Social media takes determination

1 Feb

The Times Colonist has started their promotions of the 2010 TC 10K. The race started out with 1,700 participants in 1990 and is expected to have grown to hit 15,000 this year. WOW! I was part of the 12,600 who registered last year and will be there again this year. It is great to see that so many people will be running/walking and taking up both a healthy lifestyle and a great cause.

This year the Times Colonist joined the social media scene by putting a call out to the public to see who might like to share their training highs/lows and any running tips they might have. Each week five runners of various degrees will share their training and how things are going with them via podcasts and blogs for people to listen to and read. It’s great to hear and read about other runners in order to help with motivation to get you through.

This is a great example of useful SM rather than just whipping up a media plan for the sake of it. Nowadays, too many companies are floundering like an awkward runner when it comes to SM. Being there doesn’t mean that they know what they are doing.  We can help you “train” for something like this. Like running, SM takes determination, drive, and somebody with a helping hand when you are at a low.

Good luck to all of those who will be running/walking on April 25th! See you out there!


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