Make the logo smaller

14 Feb

On the heels of my rant against Coke in my last post, I felt it only fair to tip my toque to the advertisers who have the courage and conviction to allow their advertising to do what great advertising always does: intrigue and compel. (Apologies I don’t have them in actual size!)

These are all very direct ads, benefit driven. They have memorable ideas married to a simple strategy and don’t need a huge logo or heroic product shot to “help” the consumer out.

The ads will get all the more attention because they don’t scream: I am an ad! Look at my product! In fact, I  think if people like the ad they will go to the trouble of looking for the logo and wanting to know more.

Brings to mind a lesson I’ve learned on Twitter. The people who just sell, sell, sell don’t build meaningful relationships. They just create self-interested one-way communications.

Coke can show its full bottles and pretty zombies. But my guess is that consumers remembered these intelligent ads.


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