Blogs versus Twitter, Round 2

5 Mar

Having set out a case for why busy people should favour blogs over Tweets in this recent post, I now want to give Twitter its fair shake.

There are so many ways that Twitter can provide value. Here are 4 advantages to consider:

> Expand your neighbourhood. One thing most bloggers come up against at some stage is a calcifying of readership. Twitter can take your networking to a whole new level. If you are willing to invest the time and create relationships in a sincere way, there are few limits to the number of followers you can attract. An especially attractive component of the Twitter experience is the quick sense of brotherhood/sisterhood that develops amongst tweeters. #FollowFridays and retweets are just two examples of the generosity of spirit that drives the energy on this platform.

> Access a world of knowledge and insight. You can spend your life trolling blogs for original and thoughtful voices, or you can spend a half hour on Twitter. You get such a cross section of values, opinions and expertise in a snapshot. Take a look at this random screengrab below from my Twitter homepage today. Eight of the nine tweets are links leading to interesting stuff posted elsewhere. That’s a seven minute window.

> Drive traffic to your content. People use Twitter for all sorts of different reasons, from relationship building, to brainfarting, to hard selling and promoting their content. The beauty of Twitter is that your followers will read what interests them. If you build a strong core of followers and offer value, the potential audience for your content grows proportionately.

> Make the most of your time. Bloggers will admit that creating a post, like this one, takes time. An hour for a post seems to be about the minimum, given the imperative for visual support and the time it takes to actually get the thing up. Twitter allows you to pop in for short, strategic bursts, check your direct or @messages, respond to them, scan for interesting tweets, follow links and save them for deeper digestive processes later and tweet anything that’s on your list. Or simply retweet the valueable things you come across. Of course you can spend the whole day on Twitter, digging into content and building your relationships. But most of us don’t have the stamina to become Tweetheads.

Ultimately, for me, the advantage of Twitter over blogs is that there can be constant and immediate communication. Blogs are slow builds. Twitter is all about here and now.


One Response to “Blogs versus Twitter, Round 2”

  1. geschenke March 16, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    I haven’t used twitter so far, but I guess in future there won’t be a successfull website without facebook, twitter and google.

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