How to find the perfect ad agency partner

25 Mar

Somewhere out there is the ideal advertising agency for your company. In order to find it, you just have to know what your perfect agency partner looks like, so try focusing on that.

> It would be staffed by bright, young, energetic people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get your business and keep it.

> It would understand your business and your marketing challenges from the get-go, without any need for time-consuming scoping sessions.

> It would be good at everything, from branding to social media, high-end video production to pay-per-click, analytics to back-end website development.

>It would have an awards pedigree from the major shows in New York and London, and would insist their clients accept the awards on the nights.

Sound like any agency you’ve ever heard of?

I would suggest you give a wide berth to any that claim these qualities. Instead, look for a company that has a strong sense of what it does well and seems interested in your business and your goals.

> Go for the bright, young people sure, but look for some veterans to add experience and seasoning. They always put together Canada’s Olympic hockey team that way. Ask Stevie Y.

> Find an agency that is staffed by curious and investigative individuals, who ask to have a seat at the table to learn as much about your business as they can upfront, and on an on-going basis. Be wary of an agency that wants to solve your problems before you’ve had the chance to tell them what they are.

> Look for an agency that understands that they can’t be good at everything and has the good sense both to admit the areas where they need outside support and are wise enough to find the best available talent.

> Awards are terrific but look for case studies and results. An 8% jump in sales, or a 22% increase in members will make you look better than a piece of plastic dipped in gold paint.

If you can’t find THIS type of agency, please give me a call at 250 381 4494 and I will point you in the direction of the ones I know.


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