Consumer patterns of random chaos

15 Apr

Most ad agencies these days – and we are no exception – advocate blogs to our clients as a useful way to create engagement and keep the content fresh on their websites.

Blogs aren’t the only way of achieving this of course, but since people are spending so much more of their online time in social media spaces, and so much less on traditional corporate one-way communication websites, it makes sense to move your own site in that direction.

A recent blog post by Seth Godin, entitled the Levy flight, punctuates that point with a neat analogy about animals and the way they forage. They follow their noses to interesting places – the way we seek blogs – and only come back as long as there is tasty stuff to satisfy them. Once that supply dries up, they move on for good. Bit of method, math and chaos theory. Definitely worth a read.

Should you have a blog on your website? Natch. Should you be regularly updating the content?

Does a bear forage in the woods?


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