Are Promoted Tweets a Good Idea?

20 Apr



Last week, the fine folks at Twitter announced that they were going to be offering a “promoted tweet” service, to give advertisers the opportunity to financially promote tweets that support their business needs.

How is this going to affect you?  Well, unless you use the search function on for the terms coffee or Starbucks, you probably won’t see any difference.  

FireShot capture #006 - 'Twitter _ Search - coffee' - twitter_com_#search_q=coffee

For now.

If the tests run well, you can expect to see the promoted tweets in the various twitterclients available, generating revenue to those that can help spread the word.

There are a few concepts that the twitter team has included in this project that are a little bit exciting – relevance and resonance.

Relevance being the fact that you should only see the promoted tweets when you are searching for the purchased keyword(s)

Resonance, as defined by the twitter team is a measure of “multiple indicators of engagement such as Retweets, @replies, re-use of hashtags, avatar clicks, hashtag clicks, in-Tweet link clicks, views after Retweet and more.” 

So if an ad promoted tweet is not pulling, the resonance score won’t be very high, which will decrease the number of impressions you get.  Sounds good so far – we’ll see how it’s rolled out.

The other interesting idea behind the promoted tweets is the level of interaction your audience will have with it.  The Starbucks tweet above has over 100 retweets – which is the max retweets that twitter will show – but your audience can retweet, respond, and revise your message.  There’s no option  currently available on to edit retweets, but most of the available twitter clients have this feature.  Expect to see a few hijacked ads down the road.

Ads that are off brand, off target, or just “off” are either going to be dropped due to lack of resonance or go viral because of novelty. It’s going to be interesting to see how the twitter community responds to these paid placements. 

What do you predict?


2 Responses to “Are Promoted Tweets a Good Idea?”

  1. Jack Steinmann April 20, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    I predict Twitter is going to be around for awhile:

    “Twitter is also looking to expand its presence across the Web with its @anywhere service, which will allow people to log in to Twitter from other Web sites.”

  2. jasonfinnerty April 20, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    I think that’s a pretty safe bet Jack – and the @anywhere service will certainly add more value to the current web experience.

    Like my wife frequently says when she want’s a taste of whatever I’m eating – sharing is caring. It looks like the twitter folks understand this, too.

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