Take a social media break

28 Apr

Businesses have long endured the employee break. And thank the gods for that because we’ve all taken our share.

Cigarette breaks, coffee breaks, Wimbledon breaks.

Remember this bit, because I’m going to swing back to it in a sec.

More and more organizations are choosing to monitor – covertly or overtly – the way their staff spend their time online. If you spend your afternoon on Facebook, there’s a chance your boss will know. Ditto if you’re chatting with some Russian babe on cam.

I’ll come back to this too, bear with me. (And by the way, she may be Russian but she’s no babe. Or so I’ve heard!)

Along comes the iPhone, and improved Blackberry interfaces, and the mobile versions of your favourite social media sites are now good to go.

What we will likely start seeing – and here’s where I try to tie it all together – is employees taking social media breaks.

Bosses won’t know how they’re spending their days anymore because they’ll be on their mobiles…texting, tweeting, posting, being Mayors on Foursquare.

If it was Ok when you had a butt or a cup of Joe, why not this? A social media break is arguably better for your health.

Are you doing it already?


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