Smoking is also unhealthy for dogs and rabbits.

1 May

Take that. And that!

In the ongoing war against cigarette smoking, well-meaning governments will seem to throw any old thing out there to try and reach smokers.

It isn’t enough that cigarettes rot your internal organs, make your gums black and turn your walls yellow. They can also kill your puppy!

In a new commercial from Virginia, we learn that swallowing a few butts can be fatal to your dog. Watch it here. My Chihuahua – erm, I mean my wife and daughter’s Chihuahua – has eaten ashtrays full of the things and he’s still ticking. (I’m sure he has a Swiss army knife, a photo album and my wedding band in his belly too, because those have gone missing, but I digress.)

What do you suppose the impact of this ad will be on cigarette smokers? Perhaps they’ll take greater care how they dispose of their butts. Will they quit because of it? Not on your life.

Then there is this unusual earlier approach here from the same state, which gives us a fully-grown man dressed as a bunny being confronted in the woods by sinister Tobacco Company executives. The environmental punch-line, while eye-opening, is probably not going to encourage smokers to call it quits. I mean, they’re already destroying their own bodies and don’t care, why should they care about Mother Nature’s?

Statistics, however compelling, don’t necessarily make good strategies.


2 Responses to “Smoking is also unhealthy for dogs and rabbits.”

  1. tom May 3, 2010 at 12:28 pm #

    There have been all kinds of campaigns to get people to give up smoking.

    Here’s a great compilation:

    but while smoking is still seen as being cool, hard hitting campaigns and statistics are never going to work on those who seek to rebel against the establishment.

    PS. Don’t think smoking is cool? Just watch Don Draper in Mad Men.

  2. dougbrowncreative May 3, 2010 at 1:00 pm #

    Fantastic link Tom! Hard to believe that “cancer cures smoking” is only a 7-year old ad.

    I especially like the cigarette with “suicide” at one end and “homicide” at the other. Simple ciggie advertising seems to work best, but too often in these the cleverness of the idea kind of gets in the way of the message.

    There sure are a lot of ideas with the smoke curling up into a sinister shape. Yikes.

    Sign of the times that we have not a single smoker at Copeland/Tartan eh?

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