Getting in the way: rich online media

9 May

You have your coffee; the window is open to let in some morning breeze and you can hear red-winged blackbirds down in the bulrushes. You are online reading an article on your favourite news site and all off a sudden an otherwise innocuous ad on the page comes to life like some awakened monster and crashes all over the page, obstructing your view of the article entirely.

It’s irritating so you try to minimize or close the damn thing but inevitably you hit a clickable portion of this rich media ad and you end up being whizzed off to a microsite. Hooray! A click-through! Success!

Hands up anyone who has actually enjoyed this intrusion.

In traditional media, we are habituated to the commercial break. We are trained to get up and get chips or go pee. At some level, we understand that this show really is brought to you by Tim Hortons. But online is another matter.

The only possible way I can see any positive consumer reaction to these irritating ads is if the content of the ad somehow supports the content of the page you are reading.

Even then, ask me if I want to opt in to the attack.

Otherwise I will want to sic King Kong on you.


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