Presenting Creative Briefs

19 May

So, you’ve written a killer creative brief and you’re ready to take it to the creative team. Here are some tips for presenting it in a way that will make it resonate.

Pre-screen the brief
Nothing’s worse than having a creative briefing derailed by a creative director, senior art director or copywriter who venomously opposes your core strategy. If you can, give a quick overview of the project and strategy with her before you brief to avoid this.

Don’t brief in the boardroom
Whenever possible, brief the team somewhere relevant to the brand or project. At the very least: dim the lights, show a video, play music.

Don’t read the brief in the briefing
Creative teams know how to read. Instead tell a story. Make the presentation a dialogue. “Hey, Art Director, isn’t your dad the sort of person we’re trying to talk to here? Any insights you could share?”

Inspire the team
People do better work when they’re inspired. So inspire the creative team! A flat presentation comes off as: “Our client that never approves anything interesting needs a junk mail piece.” Instead, go for the gusto: “We have an opportunity to speak directly to people suffering from halitosis and invite them to regain their confidence and change their lives.”

I’ve always felt the best briefs are the ones where creative teams are doodling notes or shouting out ideas during the brief.


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