Electronic word of mouth

29 Jun

If you’re a small business and you’re still uncertain whether you need to be a part of this Social Media craze, take a look at this recent comment on Twitter.

It was posted by Serious Coffee customer Susan Jones. Susan tweets quite a lot and has 1,388 people directly following her Twitter comments. Many of them are in the same geographical area as Susan, so are actual or potential customers of Serious Coffee.

A harmless nod to good service you might say. Won’t lead to a stampede of coffee junkies needing their fix.

You’re probably right. But consider the impact if Serious Coffee had not been able to handle the crush, and service had been slow.

What if Susan had instead tweeted: Serious Coffee on Douglas is seriously busy and needs to educate their staff on how to treat customers even when they’re tapped.

Think that might have impacted things at Serious Coffee today?

Good for Serious Coffee for getting it right. Good for Susan Jones for passing on the kudos.

Too bad for any small business that isn’t out there monitoring these types of comments. Need help or advice? Leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you.


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