Uh, you’ve got something between your teeth

30 Jun

You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them. Those impeccably turned-out individuals who catwalk into a room and galvanize the eyeballs of everyone. Fabulous first impression.

They head straight for you and give you a winning smile. Alas. If only they’d bothered to scrutinize their smile before they flashed it, they would have caught the unmentionable brownish item still clinging to their teeth.

Do you tell them? Of course you don’t. It would be too embarrassing for both and would totally spoil whatever fun you now have planned watching them work the room.

And so it is with advertising.

No matter how strong and on-strategy the ad is, a typo or a factual error or some form of design sloppiness can kill the good first impression as quickly as an erstwhile slug of gunk in the teeth.

That’s why agencies push for more time. That’s why we fear rush jobs. That’s why the most hated four-letter word from a client is ASAP.

You can land a brilliant idea when the pressure is on. You can scramble to get the materials ready…and a certain drug-like euphoria comes with the pressure. But take away sufficient time to scrutinize the completed work and you risk undoing everything: your time, your effort, your money. Your reputation.

Now, just how critical is this deadline?


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